Is there software to track phone numbers?

Today a satellite tracking phone numbers systems have become increasingly popular. This service can be used by the law enforcement agents as well as by the ordinary mobile communication subscribers. The main thing is to know quite how the satellite mechanism of tracking the mobile devices runs.




To date different software of tracking phone numbers by the GPS-signal, coming from a phone or a tablet computer, are available. Such software transmits GPS coordinates from the mobile device to the server in a steady or periodic mode. An onlooker can see the current location of a person within the accuracy of 5 meters and his detailed travel-route. Usually such software is easy to use and has flexible settings of the tracking mode.

How does the location of an observation object is determined?

The system allows you to determine instantly, where an observation object is located now (for example, a worker, a child, a car). The location is determined by the GPS navigation system’s signals to a split-hair accuracy of 5 meters.

The label on a scalable electronic map displays the location. You will also be known: the closest address (city, street and house number), speed and line of travel, position and other information about an observation object.

In fact, such software turns the mobile device into the GPS-tracker, allowing you to track the location of a person in the online mode without any additional equipment.

What are the core capabilities of the satellite tracking phone numbers system?

The system’s core capabilities are:

On-linetrackingby GPS signals

  • Tuning control of tracking bytimesand distance
  • Intervalmode to savebattery
  • Autorunafterrestart
  • Widget for aquick starting andstatus browsing.

What are the methods of observation of an observation object?

The methods of observation are:

  • on the PC– through apersonal account/WEB-interface;
  • on the phone–using a mobileWEB-interface;
  • usingSMS-request(message totheservicenumber).

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